Scottish Men Love Sheep
<< May 17, 2004 >>

Oh my lord, so after 3 weeks of not hearing from Andrew he suddenly calls. Okay there was an email here and there in between that time that had a strange panicked nature from him. Anyway he called me last night and I was at work with Greenleaf. I finally got his third call live and he was like "I'm free!"

I replied, "I'm at work. I get out at 6am." Small pause. "You want me to pop by after I get out of work?"

"Yes. I will leave the key under the door and you can wake me up."

So I did... at 0630. Well... he was... excited. Being Mr.' Kissy again. And then we went to sleep. I woke him up at 1 in the afternoon. He got in a good 11 hours, whilst I only got in a bad 5 hours. The man snores and grinds his teeth. And oddly enough, his teeth are not ground down. I'm still worried over his teeth though. The irony is that his father is a dentist.

He has this film that's going to the Venice Film Festival called "The Scottish Male: Highlander or Low-life?" Kind of self-ingratiating in that back handed self-deprecating way. He let me watch it. I screamed in horror at a 2-year-old picture of him with this HUGE ass gut. Thank god I got him when he lost weight. Shiiiit.. there were some really unflattering pictures of him overweight and paunchy. It was narrated by his ex who left his ass.

He got out of the shower after I watched the little short film and he was singing away. I just dried him off and wiped behind his ears and scolded him for not washing behind his ears.

So his told me that he was absent because of many things. Apparently a friend was drunk and kicked in his door and ruined part of the frame. And Vernon stole 1000 bucks from him and just disappeared. And this man was staying at his place too! So there was his misery pool.

We had lunch. Sat at some cafe for a bit. And then we parted ways. He says, "I'll call you soon, babes."

I'm in a good fucking mood. I even didn't mind coming into work one hour earlier.

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