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Well as you can tell, my name is Lynn. Blah.

I was born in Saudi Arabia and moved around a bit after that. I have had the honor/misery of living mostly in Europe. Yes, I now know where Eurotrash comes from. And yes, this is one of the main reasons why I don't date Euros because of my constant childhood exposure to them. Not that there's something wrong with Euros. I just way my music tastes are different... Yes, the food is better. And food is my livelihood. HOWEVER, for all you Americans who go to Europe and think its GRRRRREAT! You didn't have to live there. Not to say that I hate Europe. I do like it. My folks still live in the Netherlands. But here's a theory of mine. You know how everyone says that Euro flicks are so true to life, they aren't cheesy, they have REAL LOOKING EVERYDAY people in them. Well I finally figured out why... they don't have such a good looking pool to recruit from. With the exception of the Scandanavian countries, most of Europe looks boring. Don't get me wrong, there are hotties amongst them, BUT it's fewer than .. let's say... Sweden. Think about it... why are all the cute actors from Minnesota and the ilk? Who setttled there? Huh? Huh? Huh? Maybe I'm biased because I did live in Norway and got visually spoiled.

I did end up going to the boarding schools of Institut Montana (fucking shit school) in Switzerland and Kent School in Connecticut for high school, which was an interesting experience.... I graduated from Kent School and went to Smith College in Northampton, Mass and left after 3.5 years there for a leave of absence.

I moved to San Francisco with my sister, who did graduate college and ended up at UC San Francisco's School of Medicine. My folks bought a house in SF and I ended up doing some weird jobs in my "spare time", such as working in a vet hospital and collecting 7 cats for my house. I also worked for Good Vibrations, a very very very cool place for women (and open minded men).

I did go back to Smith in January, 2001 and graduated that May (I told you it was 3.5 years and I had .5 to go).

Immediately afterwards, I applied for culinary school (California Culinary Academy in San Francisco) and that is was I am doing now.

The one thing I can say about being in culinary school... I never knew humans were that stupid. I was never the most brilliant student in college, BUT HELL!!! Some of them are STOOOOOPID! I go to school GRUMPY and leave PISSED. But I love food. I love cooking. It's a difficult job but I love it.


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