Oh simmer!
<< June 08, 2004 >>

Ahhh.. well I saw Andrew today. He was amused that I called him the "once a month bonk man". I guess he's reviving his clothing business but going to other places and not having a store of his own. He has grand dreams. But he's happier, I think. Definitely a cheerful man when he feels he's on the right track. I think he's getting a broker and getting his clothing spread out. I should suggest Girlshop because I love that place.

We had dinner at a Vietnamese place. What cracks me up is that he doesn't realize that the people there couldn't understand him at all because of his accent. They looked at me in hopes of understanding. I was not much of a help considering that he talks much more than I do.

When I was leaving he said "I'll call you in a month." I gave him da stink eye and he said, "Oh simmer, I'll call you next week." Yeah well he better, I helped him move a chest of drawers.

He began to ask me about my depression and shit. It was weird. Like when it started and what I did. It was weird. I'm open about the depression I can go through. Somehow it's weird.

So I am back at the produce place. I like working here. It's just a load of good fun for me. It's fascinating how this shit works at times.

Anyway, off to the land of just surfing the web. We finished too damn early.

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